Reasons to Choose CBS

The CBS Management Operating System (for Collections)

A Summary of Deliverables

If you don’t see these things in your collection operation, you may have large financial opportunities.
  1. Managers using a standard daily planning, execution and adjustment process for dialer operations that produces major increases in Right Party Contact (RPC) production.
  2. Managers using a simple diagnostic report for:
    1. dialer operations that provides a comparative production scorecard enterprise-wide.
    2. accessing Standard Call Skills.
    3. measuring and improving collection skills at the collector, team, department, and/or site levels.
  3. All collectors using a standard call model with variations for levels of delinquency and modified to fit the Client.
  4. All Team Leaders using a standardized approach throughout your enterprise that employees:
    1. specific, measurable Team Leader tasks for coaching collectors, teaching call skills, setting performance goals, and developing their team to the highest possible performance.
    2. performance standards tailored to your organization, including:
      1. Diagnosing production results and crafting action plans.
      2. Diagnosing collector discipline issues and strategizing remediation.
      3. Diagnose a collector’s results and conduct periodic reviews
      4. Preparing monthly development sessions for a collector
      5. Conduct a monthly development session for a collector
      6. Diagnose specific collector call skills and coach
      7. Maintain a standardized Leader’s Log on collectors
      8. Plan and conduct call skill training sessions for collectors
      9. Diagnose Team performance opportunity and prepare and follow through on a Team plan
      10. Deal with substandard performance issues and instances of particularly outstanding performance.
    3. Standard documentation for monthly development and managerial notes
    4. Standard process for monthly development
    5. Standard routine training process (with supporting tools) to sustain representative skills after initial call model training
    6. Consistent monitoring and call scoring.
  5. All Department Managers using a standard approach throughout the Client. This include:
    1. Specific measurable Department Manager tasks for coaching and developing Team Leaders and building the highest possible performance in their department. Department Manager Tasks, with performance standards, are tailored to the Client and include, as examples:
      1. Develop a production plan
      2. Diagnose production results and prepare an immediate plan
      3. Manage seat-hour generation
      4. Diagnose department performance opportunity, prepare and follow through on an improvement plan
      5. Deal with substandard performance issues and instances of particularly outstanding performance
      6. Diagnose Team performance and conduct periodic reviews
      7. Prepare a monthly development session for a Team Leader
      8. Conduct a monthly development session for a Team Leader
      9. Manage an on-going development program
      10. Maintain a Leader’s Log on Team Leaders
      11. Plan and execute a training program
    2. Standard “program” management for development, production, and training in each department
    3. Standard process for the development of Team Managers
  6. All managers using a standard, simple approach to plan their work and to manage their time…No “pick-up ball games.”:
  7. A simple process for periodic “health checks” and mentoring of the collector, Team Leader and Department Manager skills to sustain and continue to improve collection performance.