Customer Service Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Customer Service Takes on a Whole New Meaning

With the establishment of the National Do Not Call List, it is much more difficult to get new products in front of customers. Most companies are turning to their own customer service operation to offer new products, up-sell or sell products as part of cooperative agreements.

Unfortunately, traditional operating systems for customer service rely on “cost basis” measurements, quality scores and speed of answer as a means to manage the business. These measures are hardly adequate to manage a customer service operation that is selling as a profit center.

To address this deficiency CBS has developed a management operating system for customer service operations for which sales is an integral part of the business. The system includes a call model that combines problem resolution and sales skills, a set of measurements that show the return at each level from agent to center and a structured development process to drive better results.

This operating system has been installed several of the largest customer care networks in the US with superb results. For example, one client reports that in the year that CBS started and completed work sales were up 40%, productivity increased from 75% to 96% and they ended the year at 230% of their financial goal.

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