Operational Assessment

A fast and factual expert look to define strengths and opportunities.

Assessments occur over approx. 3-4 days on-site and comes with a thorough written report that is rendered before our departure. This blueprint is always tailored to specific client needs, but typically cover the following scope.

Collection / Customer Service / Sales Strategy

  • Segmentation of accounts and use of scoring
  • “Aiming” of the work effort
  • Organizational structure
  • Process workflow
  • Analysis, measurement, and forecasting at the end result level
  • Supporting systems
  • Staffing levels
Production of Contacts
  • Dialer operations and expertise
  • Daily and weekly calling plans/process (dialer and manual)
  • Management of production pacing factors
  • Scheduling process and use of Prime Time
  • “Manual” or high-risk production rates
  • Supporting technology and systems
  • Skip tracing process
  • In-bound call management
  • File penetration
  • Comparison of PRODUCTION rates to Industry Best
Conversion of Contacts into Payments / Sales
  • Call model (current)
  • Collector/Associate call skills (current)
  • Hiring and initial training process
  • On-going collector/associate call skill development process
  • Compensation and incentives (basis and amount)
  • Available payment options and use
  • Comparison of PAYMENT/SALES rates to Industry Best
The Management System
  • Senior Management skills and roles
  • Middle management skills and roles
  • Supervisor skills and roles
  • Process for developing First Line Supervisors and above
  • Spans of control
  • Scheduling of managers and supervisors
  • Availability and appropriateness of production report
  • Availability and appropriateness of payment/sales/skill report
  • Targeted focus on a streamlined number of critical reports that identify performance opportunities and what to do about them.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary reports and reports that generate counterproductive behavior.