Our Proprietary Material

The following is a list of materials and concepts, whether in hard copy or soft, that the current principals of CBS, CBS customers and companies doing business with CBS have relied upon and continue to rely upon as the proprietary intellectual property of CBS and its current owners.

CBS developed all listed material and concepts individually or jointly.

The items are enumerated to assist all parties in identifying and protecting the proprietary material and intellectual property of the Center for Business Solutions, Inc. The list includes material under U.S. copyright by CBS and material for which CBS asserts its legal right to protection of intellectual property. This list is not all-inclusive.

  1. The CBS Call Models (Collections, Outbound Sales and Inbound Customer Care) in simplified and detailed forms
  2. The CBS negotiation model and guide
  3. The CBS sales model
  4. The Skill Development Report (aka, The Instrument Panel) format, its concepts including “Expected Value of a Paid Hour” and “Contact Expected Value” and the underlying calculations
  5. The Contact Production Report, aka the Production Report
  6. All CBS development Ladders
  7. The CBS development flow diagrams
  8. All CBS trainer’s guides and presentation slides
  9. The CBS Advanced Call Skill Read-Ahead Booklet
  10. All CBS student workbooks
  11. All CBS lesson plans
  12. All CBS development crosswalks
  13. All CBS mentoring guides and checklists
  14. The skill certification programs for Advanced Call Skills, Contact Production, Report Diagnosis, and Development as outlined in charts or the Adult Learning Drill Models, entitled “Typical Flow Diagrams for ALDMs”
  15. The format and specific content of CBS business proposals
  16. The training slides used in the national consumer lending course, “Managing Risk and Reward”, which are under copyright by Soloman Lawrence Partners
  17. The CBS Collector’s Aid
  18. The CBS Lesson Plans developed as part of the “Skill Qualification Training” product
  19. The Skill Qualification Training trainer guides
  20. The CBS monthly skill development counseling forms
  21. Participant Workbooks
  22. EVPH Worksheets
  23. Training slides
  24. The CBS Assessment Outline format and contents
  25. The format and slide contents of CBS operational assessments
  26. All examples of CBS client performance improvement resulting from CBS products
  27. The CBS client listing
  28. The CBS marketing and sales materials and charts