MOS Coaching Tips from your team at CBS: Welcome to April!

MOS Coaching Tips from your team at CBS: Welcome to April!

April 1, 2020

We know you all have a lot on your plate and we know the challenge of making sure the MOS development steps are being followed is a lot harder, and a lot more critical with some or all of you team being remote. To that end and working with your Senior Leaders, we are sending out regular coaching and mentoring tips to help you make sure the MOS is helping you succeed as leaders and coaches.

New month, new normal…

With all your folks working remotely, it is easy to get off track or get caught up in computer work. Here are a few tips to keep your arms around your MOS coaching.

  1. Begin each day with a 15-minute visual check-in, if possible.
    • In place of your morning huddles, conduct a video huddle with your team. This will help your people see faces and feel connected, in an otherwise isolated situation. This would also bring some sort of regularity to the changes everyone is experiencing.
    • Individual check-ins also help and do not need to be more than 5 minutes. This ensures no one is lost in the crowd. It is also important to ensure everyone is heard and feels important.
  2. Create mini-check-ins throughout the day. This replaces your walking the floor.
    • Think of break and lunch schedules.
    • Use chat sessions to run contests – this also helps to monitor performance and productivity, while staying connected to your team.
  3. Recognize small wins. This helps to team members feel valued for working hard during this change.
    • Good calls (or portions of calls)
    • Good utilization
    • Peers motivating peers
    • Extra efforts
  4. Do video coaching when possible for
    • Call monitors
    • Month end sessions
    • Weekly performance check-ins
  5. Have TL – (peer to peer) Check-ins Weekly video sessions
    • Share challenges
    • Share best practices
    • Support one another

Finally, everything starts with a good calendar and coaching notes. Start your week with a schedule of your team check-ins and build around that. Keep your calendar updated with your calls and check-ins and use these to add the notes to your coaching logs. Write down your goals for the day to include your sessions, team agendas and give yourself time to document each session. This will help to keep you on track and be best prepared for sessions with your manager. These tips will also help you to gain some normalcy in the mist of the chaos. Happy coaching!!